• Cream Card

    Stripes or Waves on Cream Card

  • Woven Raffia

    Stripes or Waves on Woven Raffia

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The Collections

Introducing two new Collections, ‘Stripes and ‘Waves' using Atelier Elizabeth Rose's distinctive brush work and palette.

Drawing on her background in Fine Art and Interior Design Elizabeth has created two exclusive Atelier palettes consisting of 14 beautiful complimentary colours each inspired by her love for French culture and the landscape surrounding her Dorset studio.

With two new palettes comes a new surface, raffia, which perfectly reflects Elizabeth’s love for simple natural materials combined with a witty dash of the decorative. 

Collections lead time is 3 to 4 weeks. 

To purchase the palettes and the read the story visit Colour Palettes.

  • Raffia Single Stripe

    Hodgkin Green

  • Raffia Double Stripe

    Cantaloupe & Vincent's Cap

  • Cream Card Double Wave

    Croissant & Vincent's Cap

  • Raffia Single Wave

    Vincent's Cap

  • Cream Card Double Stripe

    Pain au Chocolat & Confiture Maison

  • Raffia Single Stripe & Double Wave

    Vincent's Cap & Cantaloupe

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