• Palette One

    1. Confiture Maison

    The delight of a fruity homemade jam from a family recipe, served in a cut glass bowl with a silver spoon at my favourite chateau in the Loire Valley.

    2. Demi Tasse

    Dark, rich, aromatic coffee sipped en terrasse in Pouzauges before walking across the market square to collect the morning's croissants.

    3. Cantaloupe

    Slices of ripe, juicy, sweet scented melon freshly cut for breakfast.

    4. Pain au Chocolat

    Strips of chocolate wrapped in golden pastry.

    5. Croissant

    Flaky croissants just out of the oven served with lashings of Confiture Maison.

    6. Rideaux Oranges

    Morning sunlight streaming through the orange curtains of my favourite chateau to stay in the Loire.

    7. Las Meninas

    Inspired by Velazquez's stunning work in the Prado Museum, Madrid and the dress worn by the Infanta Margarita that took my breath away when I first saw it.

  • Palette Two

    1. Labenne Océan

    A sea blue inspired by large surfing waves catching the light on the west coast of France and a heart full of love.

    2. Vincent's Cap

    The colour of Van Gogh’s hat in Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear 1889, held at the Courtauld Galleries, London. This painitng shows Vincent's determination to continue painting in the cold.

    3. Hodgkin Green

    Exuberant bright green seen in so many of Howard Hodgkin’s stunning works that serve as a huge inspiration to my work.

    4. Val de Loire

    Childhood memories of picnics on the lush verdant riverbanks of the Loire River.

    5. Coalport Vase

    Inspired by the petrol blue of an exquisite vase designed by Coalport China that resdies in my parents' Drawing Room. Coalport China was founded by my ancestor, John Rose in 1795. 

    6. Hambledon Yew Forest

    The view from Hod Hill, Dorset of the dark dense woods, where I must have walked a thousand times.

    7. Labenne Sables

    Sandy shores in the South of France where we lit fires at night and danced till dawn.